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tree of life

Tree of Life

Join other women seeking sexual and relational wholeness in this 10-week summer course in Washington, D.C.

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PG Conference

Give your kids a bigger, better story to embrace amidst a sex-saturated culture. Join us Sat., June 13, 9 a.m….


Demise of Mr. Grey

Join us June 20 in Washington, D.C. as we engage in an open and honest discussion about women and pornography.

Desire Incited

Where in your life do you find yourself getting angry that others have something you want? Let it incite desire…

Desire Ignited

What does God want us to do with the problem of desire?
Every one of us experiences desires that seem like…

In the Name of Love

When the Supreme Court announced its 5 – 4 decision a little over a week ago to legalize same-sex marriage…