Regeneration helps those seeking wholeness in the areas of intimacy, identity, and desire by inviting them into community marked by the truth and grace of Jesus. Very often, relational, sexual, and emotional struggles become more difficult to work through because of experiences that have subtly shaped our sense of identity and hinder healthy intimacy with God and others.

God created relationships, sex and sexuality to be good and powerful parts of our lives. But just as these can bring life and love, used wrongly they can also bring great pain, confusion, and destruction. People participating in Regeneration are able to rely on Jesus as, together, we grow closer to Him who brings deep restoration and emotional and spiritual belonging.

The staff and leaders of Regeneration understand the pain and confusion of struggling with sexual sin, relational brokenness, and emotional unhealthiness. We provide an environment of support and encouragement for those who want to change.

We believe growth occurs as we deepen our intimacy with God, experience healing of past wounds, cultivate healthy relationships, and learn to walk in our true identity in Christ.

Regeneration works alongside the local church to provide a Christ-centered ministry that is compassionate and consistent with Scripture and historic Christian teaching.


Confidentiality is faithfully respected in all of Regeneration’s services, in accordance with Regeneration’s Confidentiality Policy.

Our Team

Joshua Glaser

Executive Director

Joshua Glaser Executive Director email

Josh has been with Regeneration since 1999 and has served as Executive Director since 2006. His heart is to help people experience ever-deepening union with Jesus in the areas they need Him most. Josh is the author of Rescue, a year-round discipleship program for men seeking deeper intimacy with Jesus as their Source of freedom from sexual sin. Josh grew up along the front range of Colorado. In 1996, he moved to Maryland where he first encountered Regeneration in his own pursuit of freedom from sexual sin. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Jamie, since 2001 and acquired a fondness for coffee sometime amidst the births of their four daughters and one son. Josh is a pastor, speaker, writer, and blogger.

Bob Ragan

Northern Virginia Director

Bob Ragan Northern Virginia Director email

Bob sought support from Regeneration for his unwanted same-sex attractions in January of 1988. He began directing support groups in Northern Virginia in 1989. Bob established Regeneration’s Northern Virginia office, becoming its Director, in January 1993. He provides discipleship, healing prayer, and coordinates support groups in the DC metro area. One of his passions is to help others understand our deepest desire is for true intimacy with God and one another. Bob has been an invited speaker ministering across the US, Europe, South America, and Asia. He is the current board chair of a global alliance of Christian ministries dedicated to helping those impacted by homosexuality. Bob is an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church.

Kit Elmer

Director of Discipleship (Baltimore)

Kit Elmer Director of Discipleship (Baltimore) email

Kit has a passion to help people know God more deeply and trust Him for healing, relational wholeness, and redemption. As a spiritual coach at Regeneration, she is grateful for the privilege of watching God move in women’s lives through times of conversation and inner healing prayer. Kit has a MS degree in counseling and well over a decade of leadership experience with discipleship and women’s ministry, including serving as the Women’s Ministry Director and Director of Discipleship in a church setting before joining the staff at Regeneration. Kit enjoys life with her husband and two daughters, and she loves to read and take hikes with Nala, her Golden Retriever.

Ann Cohrs

Women’s Ministry Associate (Northern VA)

Ann Cohrs Women’s Ministry Associate (Northern VA) email

Ann served as a small group leader for Living Waters for ten years before becoming part of the Regeneration staff in 2007.  Ann has a BA in History, is the administrative backbone of the Northern Virginia office, and has a special heart and ministry for family members impacted by the various issues that bring people to Regeneration. Wife of a retired U.S. Navy officer, Ann and her husband have been married for 42 years; they have four grown children and 14 grandchildren.

Michelle Dunn

Director of Creativity & Development

Michelle Dunn Director of Creativity & Development email

Michelle drives the creative and collaborative development of new Regeneration initiatives, programs, communications, and special events. Prior to coming on board with Regeneration in 2012, Michelle was the Associate Director of Communications, Programming & Worship Arts at Grace Fellowship Church. She has over a decade of professional ministry experience in leading and shepherding, as well as creative direction and team management for worship. Michelle is a master baker of carrot cake, a supermom, and a relentless advocate of all things fun. She lives in Towson with her husband Krister and her two sons.

Kyle Bowman

Women’s Ministry Associate (NoVA)

Kyle Bowman Women’s Ministry Associate (NoVA) email

After spending 11 years involved in same-sex relationships, Kyle answered God's call to leave that lifestyle behind and commit herself fully to Jesus. An important part of her journey was finding Regeneration of Northern Virginia and going through one of the programs offered.  In her role as a Women’s Ministry Associate Kyle serves a small group leader for Regeneration NOVA in addition to facilitating Tree of Life, a group for women who are facing the challenge of maintaining sexual integrity in today’s culture and meeting with women one-on-one.  Kyle holds a certificate in Biblical Studies and a MA in Christian Counseling and Discipleship from Capital Seminary & Graduate School.   In her spare time she enjoys being with family and friends, hanging with her four-legged friend Tanner and focusing on family history research since she has been bitten by the genealogy bug.

Jamie Glaser

Ministry Associate (Baltimore)

Jamie Glaser Ministry Associate (Baltimore) email

Jamie Glaser has a Masters degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Certified Social Worker, Clinical. Jamie serves women and parents, and provides support and leadership to Regeneration’s Baltimore ministry teams. Jamie also runs her own counseling practice where she provides therapy for women struggling with a variety of sexual and relational concerns. Jamie’s experience includes serving as a social worker with the Maryland Public Schools and Director of an after school program for at risk youth in Baltimore City. Jamie and her husband Josh and their five children live in a northern suburb of Baltimore.

Anne Donohue

Office Administrator (Baltimore)

Anne Donohue Office Administrator (Baltimore) email

Anne has a heart for people at Regeneration and extends a warm welcome to all who call and visit the office. Anne provides administration assistance for programs, events, appointments and ministry organization at the Baltimore office. Anne has a BA in education and ministry experience in discipleship, parenting, shepherding, counseling, and leadership. Anne, her husband Mike (of Search Ministries), and their four children live in a suburb of Baltimore.

Carol Kwicien

Database Administrator

Carol Kwicien Database Administrator email

Carol joined Regeneration in March 2013 and serves the many men and women who support the ministry by managing constituent records, including processing donations, maintaining mailing lists, and tracking contribution trends. Carol lives in the suburbs of Baltimore.
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Dan Keefer, M.A.

Men's Ministry Leader

Dan Keefer, M.A. Men's Ministry Leader email

Dan has a passion to journey with people in the midst of the challenges and difficulties of life to a place of greater freedom in Christ where instead of finding their identity in their struggles, they find their identity in a transforming relationship with Christ, resulting in an experience of deeper intimacy with God and others. Dan has an M.A. in Marriage and Family Counseling, and for the past ten years he has ministered to individuals, husbands and wives, and families, as well as providing leadership for groups of men seeking sexual and relational wholeness. Dan is married to Heather and they are the parents of young adults Heath, Hannah, and Hayden.


“In a culture (both outside and inside the church) deeply confused about the meaning of human sexuality, Regeneration offers both an orthodox Christian understanding and Christ-like care for those who hunger and thirst for more. Erotic longing in its God-given design is meant to launch us heavenward, but in a fallen world we are continually tempted to direct it toward things that cannot satisfy, leaving us lonely, heartbroken, and addicted. Across denominational lines, the team at Regen graciously leads people into deeper union with Christ who alone has the power to redirect desire toward the Love that satisfies.”
Christopher West
Founder and President of The Cor Project; Senior Lecturer of Theology & Christian Anthropology with the Theology of the Body Institute


“I have been privileged to be associated with Regeneration for over a decade. It is a ministry for which I have the deepest appreciation and respect. It is led by people who are solid in their walk with Christ, grounded in the scriptures, and loving and compassionate in their approach to those seeking their help. Jesus promised that signs and wonders would accompany the faithful proclamation of His Word. That happens on a daily basis with Regeneration, as broken lives are made whole through the healing power of the Gospel.


Rev. David Harper

Past Rector at Church of the Apostles, Fairfax, VA


“For decades Regeneration Ministries has provided direction and encouragement to countless people, operating with high integrity and solid, Biblically based values. I’ve been privileged to know and work alongside them since 1987, and I continue to regard them with deep respect and gratitude. The church and the culture are both far better off because of Regeneration.”
Joe Dallas
Director of Genesis Counseling; Author of The Game Plan, When Homosexuality Hits Home, and Desires in Conflict


“I can’t think of many things that impact individuals, families, and our culture more than sexual desire. It’s a source of life and great joy, but also a source of great pain, confusion and enslavement. Parents feel at a loss, incompetent, or fearful when speaking with their kids about sex, and the avalanche of technology makes matters even more difficult. But the price tag is too high and the heartache to significant to ignore. Regeneration is a ministry that has dared to face this head on. They continue to develop new ways of helping men, women, parents, and families better navigate the cultural landscape, knowing we’ve been created to flourish in this area of life instead of being crushed by it. To say that Regeneration has been a valuable resource to me in my work with men and families would be an understatement. This ministry has been a source of hope, training and inspiration.”
Pat Goodman
Men’s Ministry Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, Young Life National Training Associate


“I love Regeneration! Having been surrounded by ‘sexual recovery’ ministries for the last 30 years, I can say without exaggeration that Regeneration embodies the best of what it takes to make the body of Christ a safe and powerful place for broken people. Any broken person. The gift of Regeneration lies in its nearly seamless approach to addressing the breadth of our sexual brokenness–be it victim or perpetrator, married or single, vulnerable to same or opposite gender idolatry–without sacrificing depth.

Jesus pulled up dividing walls within His one body and Regeneration follows faithfully in His footsteps. I love that one can come to Regeneration broken by any number of sins and leave much more whole as a result of the great cloud of diverse sinners that met him or her with mercy. Only Jesus can do that; Regeneration magnifies the miracle.”
Andrew Comiskey, M.Div.
Founder and Executive Director, Desert Stream Ministries; Author of Naked SurrenderStrength in Weakness, and Pursuing Sexual Wholeness


“I have tremendous respect for Regeneration. I served on their board for 10 years, and I know this ministry inside and out. They have spiritual integrity. They’re biblical. And, they’re totally committed to helping men and women come out of homosexuality. If you’re looking for someone to support, you couldn’t find a more worthy ministry than Regeneration.”
J. Thomas Bisset

Past President, Peter & John Radio Fellowship, Baltimore, MD

“Christians need to help people who are fighting homosexuality and sexual addiction in their lives… it’s about helping people trapped in a cycle of sexual dysfunction. People are hurting… and instead of helping them we are papering over their problems… contact Regeneration to see how your church can be equipped to help people break free from these cycles of sin and despair.”
Chuck Colson
Past President of Breakpoint & Prison Fellowship Ministries


“I have known well the ministry of Regeneration for decades and can offer only my strongestwords of endorsement. Every sort of person – man, woman, single, married, heterosexual, homosexual or sexually confused – is welcomed with God’s grace. The Regeneration team has a huge heart for their ministry to people who are hurting in any number of ways. They are wise, loving, effective, and thorough. It is a life-transforming ministry.”

The Rev. Dr. John W. Yates, II
Rector, The Falls Church Anglican
Falls Church, VA