If you could be anywhere in the world to see something that reminded you of God’s beauty, where would that be?
  • The Atlantic at sunrise?
  • The Rocky Mountains when the Aspens are golden?
  • The edge of the Grand Canyon?
  • The Reflection Pond in Denali National Park?

Or how about the grocery store line where the woman in front of you is fumbling through an overstuffed purse to find her 50¢ off coupon for Sugar Puffs?

Everywhere Jesus went, he saw the beauty of God in people. He saw it in the most unlikely of places. Think of Zacheus, a corrupt tax-collector accumulating personal wealth off the backs of his countrymen. Jesus saw him and called out to him like an old friend.

Think of the sexually immoral woman interrupting the religious leader’s dinner party by weeping at Jesus’ feet. The religious leader saw a prostitute. Jesus saw a woman worth loving, a woman capable of great love.

In fact, everything Jesus did was to restore God’s beauty in the men and women he met. When he found embers of beauty hidden under sin or brokenness, he cleared away the ash and blew beauty into flame.

What a difference it would make if we could learn to see people like Jesus did.

If you’d like to see  like he does, the change you’re after is supernatural, but it is not impossible. Whether tempted to lust or tempted to loathe, Jesus invites you to see more than you now do.

Even where you’re still seeing objects or obstacles instead of seeing people, Jesus sees his beauty in your eyes. He wants to clear away the ash. He wants to blow the dimly glowing embers of sight into flame so you can see.

Where are you learning to see God’s beauty in others?
Where have you learned to see God’s beauty in yourself?
What difference is it making in your life? Share your experiences by leaving a comment.


Waiting in line,

Josh Glaser
Executive Director

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I see beauty in people’s quirks. An interesting laugh. A neat way to solve math. A funny item hanging in their car. I love seeing how unique He made us all!

Weber Ivy
So…where did I see God’s beauty today? I saw it on a long walk, on a day off from work, in the golden afternoon light of a late-winter day that flirted with spring–the messenger of the silly season had arrived considerably ahead of schedule, knocking insistently on Winter’s door and calling out loudly for tired old Winter to just forget its to-do list for a while and come out to play. I caught God’s beauty in the faintest hint of saffron that I smelled when I got down on my knees to see if those pale purple crocuses of my… Read more »

I once took a picture of someone on my cell phone and when I showed it to her, her response caught me off guard. She said “Oh, cute!” That’s not what I usually say when I see my picture.
I am learning to see God’s beauty in myself as I learn how to open myself to others and receive their positive comments back. Here too I usually expect a negative response, but when I am mirrored in their responses I see myself more as God sees me. It is a freeing experience.


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