Regeneration helps those seeking wholeness in the areas of intimacy, identity, and desire by inviting them into community marked by the truth and grace of Jesus.


Intimacy and Identity


We learn pretty early on that the more attractive you are, the more love you’ll get. Or ...
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Update from end-of-year

Dear Friends, We want to reach out to update you on the results of our end-of-year camp...
Intimacy and Identity

Let Your Body Anticipate

If you haven’t been thinking much about your body this Advent, I want to invite you to b...
Intimacy and Identity

The Key to Christmas

Are you longing for a rich and meaningful Christmas, something more than consumerism, busy...
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Feet in Christmas socks near fireplace.  Four pair of feet warming up. Friends at cozy winter vacation.

Dear Friends…

Thank YOU for being a part of this ministry in 2016! Chances are you know someone who's be...
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Within Your Reach

Did your candidates win? As I type, it’s Monday before the election, so I can’t kno...
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Hindrances to a Wife’s Healing

Regeneration's Jamie Glaser, LCSW-C, shares two primary hindrances and two great helps for...
Intimacy and Identity

Girls have it tough

It might just be that I’ve got four daughters, but from my vantage point, girls today ha...
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Before You Give Your Kid Their First Device

Regeneration's Michelle Dunn shares three important things you need to do before giving yo...
Intimacy and Identity

God Loves Unique You

What will it take for you to believe? In the 1991 movie, Hook, Robin Williams plays Peter...
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