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Regeneration's team in Fairfax, VA includes staff and volunteers committed to providing Christ-centered, compassionate support for individuals, marriages, parents, and churches throughout the DC Metro area and beyond.

tree of life

Tree of Life

Learning how to grow in sexual purity.
parents group

Parents Group

Support for parenting in today’s culture.
salt ministry


Gaining freedom from lust, porn, and sexual addiction.
wives support group

Wives Group

For wives whose husbands are struggling with sexual sin.
path through the wilderness

Path Through The Wilderness

Healing and intimacy with Christ


For You

For You For Others


Reflecting Jesus to LGBT Friends

By Rev. Bob Ragan | May 1, 2017
Bob Ragan and Kyle Bowman share their thoughts about reflecting Jesus’ grace and truth to LGBT friends and neighbors.

What Lies Beneath

By Rev. Bob Ragan | February 3, 2015
I was recently given the daunting task to give a comprehensive lecture on the topic of sex within one hour. How could I possibly do justice to this topic in such a short amount of time? Of course I knew to seek the Lord’s leading on how to best face this challenge and was shown … Continued

What Lies Beneath (cont’d)

By Rev. Bob Ragan | February 3, 2015
Intimacy (In-to-me-see) There were no masks, posing, or facades between Adam and Eve before the brokenness of sin entered the world.  This is hard for us to imagine.  Adam and Eve’s exterior and interior were naked and unashamed.  They could intuit each other’s humanity.  They could see the real in each other.  They saw into … Continued

Objectifying Subjectivity

By Rev. Bob Ragan | November 1, 2004
These last two years have been emotionally quite challenging for me. This was especially so this past March when, as the result of a violent auto accident, my mom died and my father developed dementia due to a lack of oxygen to his brain. As painful as this has been for me, my parents’ accident … Continued

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Our Team

Bob Ragan

Bob sought support from Regeneration for his unwanted same-sex attractions in January of 1988. He began directing support groups in Northern Virginia in 1989. Bob established Regeneration’s Northern Virginia office, becoming its Director, in January 1993. He provides discipleship, healing prayer, and coordinates support groups in the DC metro area. One of his passions is … Continued

Kyle Bowman

After spending 11 years involved in same-sex relationships, Kyle answered God’s call to leave that lifestyle behind and commit herself fully to Jesus. An important part of her journey was finding Regeneration of Northern Virginia and going through one of the programs offered.  In her role as a Women’s Ministry Associate Kyle serves a small group leader for Regeneration NOVA in addition … Continued

Ann Cohrs

Ann served as a small group leader for Living Waters for ten years before becoming part of the Regeneration staff in 2007.  Ann has a BA in History, is the administrative backbone of the Northern Virginia office, and has a special heart and ministry for family members impacted by the various issues that bring people … Continued