Conversations about sex and pornography have, for too long, been relegated to men’s groups. Confusion and temptation don’t target a specific population, but confront all of humanity. In a recent conversation we had with a college student here at Regen, she shared her story of hiding, sin, and the importance of community and grace.

If we, as a culture, invite authenticity and vulnerability, then we need to create space for people to live that out. One:One was created with this in mind. The event is for young women to have real conversations about sex, desire, intimacy, and identity, and to hear other people’s stories and struggles, along with the truth about God’s desires for them.

So give the conversation with Emily a listen. Consider the young women in your own sphere of influence, and the difficulties they are up against in our culture today. Invite them to the October event. And pray for them.


Thursday, October 27 at 6:45 p.m.
Towson, MD

Sign up today.

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Is this program offered in the DMV area. Towson too far



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