Path Through The Wildernessauthored by Regeneration’s Northern Virgina Director, Rev. Bob Ragan, offers a fresh approach to help you experience the love, peace and freedom you desire.

We want to be loved and to love well. And we each experience competing and conflicting desires, some that move us toward the life we want, and some that point us away from that life. We can also face overwhelming challenges and painful experiences. Sometimes, all this is too much to sort through alone. We need the help of Christ working within a safe and sacred community of others on similar journeys.

Rev. Bob Ragan has over 25 years of experience helping men and women embrace Jesus where they need Him most. Bob and a team of seasoned associates in ministry have worked passionately to develop this new program to help you connect deeply with the Lord and experience the transformation you long for.

Click below for more information and to register…

Path Through The Wilderness
For men and women
Cost $475
Northern Virginia only
7:00 – 10:00 pm, Thursdays from October 20 through May 6 (26 weeks)

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