Conversations about God and Sex

Identity. Beauty. Relationships. Managing life in the digital age is complicated.

Women today are faced with the reality of an aggressively sexualized culture that challenges the central idea of womanhood. With this in mind, Regeneration designed an evening event for young women ages 18-23(ish) titled One:One | Conversations about God and Sex.

There will be candid stories and real talk about relationships, sex, intimacy, desire, and identity at this evening event. We will connect the dots between what we know God says is true and how this relates to our everyday experiences.

It’s an encouraging evening when small groups and friend groups come together for a night of worship, stories, and truth. This is one event you won’t want to miss.


Regeneration hosts this event in the Baltimore area. Check the events page to see what’s coming.

To host a One:One event in your community, please CONTACT US.


“One:One speaks to a new level of confusion in our world. Juggling technology, image management, and “swipe right” casual sex opportunities creates a crazy tension for young women desperate for real love. One:One provides excellent worship to soften hearts, raw honesty in story sharing, and God-centered encouragement. I have recommended this event again and again to young women needing a safe place to land, as well as to ministry leaders looking to jumpstart non-awkward, non-rule based dialogues. One:One is a lifeline–a message of God’s radically loving pursuit of our whole, true selves.” –  Nancy Howard, Director of Care and Prayer Ministries, Crossroads Community Church

“One:One provided a rare safe space for me, as a young woman, to explore what it means to not only be a Christian, but to be an intentionally-purposed creation of God. In a few short hours, through honest testimonies and wise teaching, I was able to reestablish my identity in knowing myself to be a true daughter of God. Such perspective seems invaluable at a time when many other things compete to tell me what I ‘should’ be. Sometimes it is hard to live in the truth that you have been and always will be wholeheartedly pursued by an infinite God, especially when the muck of life convinces you otherwise every single day. One:One is a short yet sweet respite in what can be an otherwise weary battle.” – A One:One guest