Regeneration helps those seeking wholeness in the areas of intimacy, identity, and desire by inviting them into community marked by the truth and grace of Jesus.

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  • Regeneration’s teachings on the intimacy and love of Christ have changed my heart. I desire an intimacy with my God and my wife that didn’t exist eighteen months ago.

  • Before Regen, I did not love or even like myself, so it was impossible for me to love others.

  • Through healing prayer at Regen, God is beginning to change my heart. He is changing my desires and beginning to change my marriage.

  • I can’t imagine my life or my marriage thriving as they are without Regeneration.

  • Being with others who have found the grace and healing of the cross and who are open about their imperfections creates an environment where striving is discouraged, relationships are safe, and worship is sincere.

  • I came to Regeneration to improve my marriage. Here I found a safe, loving place to allow my wounds to be exposed for healing. For the first time ever I feel known and understood, not judged or shamed. I’m learning to allow God into the dark, wounded places of my soul. He is transforming my life, and by His mercy my family legacy will be forever changed.

  • Regeneration has made the difference in cleaning out my private internal life, so that I could have real life in Christ.

  • When I came to Regen I had head knowledge of Jesus. During Regen I received Jesus as lover of my soul. I began to be more like Mary listening to Jesus rather than Martha putting more emphasis in doing. My relationship with Christ, my husband, my son, those around me and with myself has been changed.

  • When you are seeking to leave behind a life-long pattern of linking your identity to homosexual thoughts and desires you need help from people who will stick with you for the long haul, showing you patience, kindness, firmness and an unshakable devotion to the truth. This is what I found at Regeneration.

  • Regeneration provides for broken strugglers a safe place that is unfortunately rare in the Christian community. It is like a field hospital for wounded warriors who need healing.

We believe

  • All of us, men and women, bear God’s image. Sex as God intended it (a self-giving act within the lifelong marriage of husband and wife) is meant to help us understand who God is and what our eternal destiny with him is meant to be.

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  • We all want to be loved for who we are. Opening our lives, being vulnerable, and confessing our sins deepens our intimacy with God and others, and helps us know our true selves.

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  • Every desire is meant ultimately to direct us toward God. Desire itself is not the problem. Misdirecting our desires is. The depth of human desire is not satisfied with what is finite.

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  • Christ came to redeem our desires, not to extinguish them. In union with Him, we can experience freedom from sin and freedom to love. Our aim is to become people who want what God wants.

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  • We can have true intimacy when we are living as our true selves. We can live as our true selves when we have true intimacy. Growth towards wholeness is a positive cycle of developing true intimacy and uncovering your true identity.

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  • God created and loves our bodies. Male and female, His image is sewn into the fabric of who we are.

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  • We are human beings, not human doings. We exist because God wants us to, and he loves us. Finding wholeness includes believing the truth about who we are and deeply experiencing how much God loves us.

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