100 campaign

Would you prayerfully consider being a part of our new 100 Campaign? Between now and December 31, we’re seeking 100 friends of Regeneration to increase their giving by $100 a month (or more). Your giving is crucial for our investment in this generation and the next as they seek something better than the sexual and relational norms surrounding them.

Focusing On Individuals

Increase one-to-one spiritual coaching for men and women across generations wrestling with deep identity issues, emotional dependency, and habitual sexual sin.

Reaching A Wider Audience

Multiply our online resources to reach an increasingly online culture.


Expanding Our Impact

Work with college leaders from other organizations to share expertise, encourage one another, and increase impact in the lives of students.

Join the 100

Become a greater part of the life changing work being done at Regeneration



It wasn't until I started coming to Regen that I realized my struggles were heart issues. For the first time in my life, I was hearing words of life in regards to my addiction. I learned that Jesus gave me my sexuality to point to Him; that He loved me even as I struggled with addiction; that He longs for me to come to Him as a son; that there is hope in Him! In spite of being surrounded by so many people who were sexually addicted in college, for the first time I felt like I wasn't alone in my struggle. Finally I began the process of healing, learning that Jesus doesn't want me to put up a religious front; He wants me.


Tara has been watching pornography since high school. She stumbled across it while working on homework, but found herself returning to it purposefully for the comfort and pleasure it provided her to escape the pain of life as a teen. Even though she was surrounded by Christian family and friends, she never told a soul -- she was just too embarrassed. She attended one of Regeneration's One:One events and felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. Through ongoing spiritual coaching, she's making progress experiencing Jesus' great love for her right where she is, and He's healing old wounds that she didn't even realize were there. She's still struggling, but slowly, she's learning to say no to pornography and yes to Him in these intimate areas of her life.


"We broke up with the clear understanding there would never be an 'us' again. Our two-year relationship had become toxic, unhealthy, codependent and sin filled. Within the first months of our breakup, I (Renee) became involved with Regeneration. Experiencing this ministry and its staff changed the trajectory of my life. It began my healing process and it allowed me to fall in love with Jesus. 

Ten months later, both Mike and I were involved in Regeneration's Living Waters program. What we experienced there impacted us in ways that began restoring and redeeming not just us individually, but also our relationship. Regeneration facilitated God's movement in our hearts and lives. We truly don’t know if we would be married right now or as happy as we are if it weren't for this transformational time at Regen. God’s ultimate plan and His use of Regeneration in our lives was far beyond our greatest hopes and prayers."