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Tree of Life

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Knowing Him

By Rev. Bob Ragan | March 26, 2012
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. ~ Ephesians 6:12 If you are anything like me, you may have read a particular passage of Scripture several times in … Continued

Accountability: Not an Option

By Rev. Bob Ragan | June 1, 2006
Accountability is a topic which I feel is often misunderstood.  For those who struggle with sexual and relational brokenness (sin), accountability is a necessity and not an option. Throughout Scripture, there are many examples of accountability. The Lord had His prophets hold His people accountable. There are several examples stated where Paul and the apostles … Continued

Purity: Resting or Struggling

By Rev. Bob Ragan | February 13, 2012
Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. -Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne   This little nugget of Pooh-inspired wisdom seems out of sync with the frenetic world that we live in today. Our lives are often overwhelmed by appointments, busy schedules, and to-do lists as … Continued
path through the wilderness

Excerpt from Path through the Wilderness

By Rev. Bob Ragan | May 15, 2016
… Jesus’ greater purpose in coming to earth was to be the connection, the way for us to be in right relationship with the Father. Adam and Eve’s capacity to see and hear aright changed the moment they ate of the [forbidden] fruit. Their spiritual eyes closed …they went from life to death! Knowledge of … Continued
path through the wilderness

Path Through The Wilderness

By Rev. Bob Ragan | October 16, 2016
Path Through The Wilderness, authored by Regeneration’s Northern Virgina Director, Rev. Bob Ragan, offers a fresh approach to help you experience the love, peace and freedom you desire. We want to be loved and to love well. And we each experience competing and conflicting desires, some that move us toward the life we want, and some that point … Continued

Be One Who Illuminates

By Rev. Bob Ragan | April 25, 2017
Bob Ragan is the director of Regeneration’s Northern Virginia office and is an ordained deacon in the Anglican church. He graciously wrote this week’s post for us. If you live in the DC Metro Area, please consider joining Bob for Into His Marvelous Light, our annual Sweet and Savory Fundraiser. You can learn more or … Continued

Embracing True Identity

By Rev. Bob Ragan | November 20, 2013
Embracing A True Identity When we have a faulty view of our identity, it breeds anxiety, depression, sin, and hiding. These disguise themselves as our friends while we struggle to stay afloat. And the cycle of sin, remorse, shame, depression, more sin, more darkness is wearying. Take heart. God’s desire for us isn’t that we’d … Continued

Maturing Dependency

By Rev. Bob Ragan | January 1, 2010
Childhood is usually a wonderful time in life. It is a time to discover, explore, and become without the conscious reality that we could not exist without the care of another. Children generally exist in carefree unawareness of their total dependency on their parents. As a child becomes more cognitively aware and develops as an … Continued

Sex With the Lights On: Identity in Jesus. Intimacy with Jesus.

By Rev. Bob Ragan | February 21, 2016
Rev. Bob Ragan interview at Chapel Springs Pastor Scott Leib interviews Bob Ragan at Chapel Springs Church in Virginia, for their Sex with the Lights On series.  

Reflecting Jesus to LGBT Friends

By Rev. Bob Ragan | May 1, 2017
Bob Ragan and Kyle Bowman share their thoughts about reflecting Jesus’ grace and truth to LGBT friends and neighbors.

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Our Team

Bob Ragan

Bob sought support from Regeneration for his unwanted same-sex attractions in January of 1988. He began directing support groups in Northern Virginia in 1989. Bob established Regeneration’s Northern Virginia office, becoming its Director, in January 1993. He provides discipleship, healing prayer, and coordinates support groups in the DC metro area. One of his passions is … Continued

Kyle Bowman

After spending 11 years involved in same-sex relationships, Kyle answered God’s call to leave that lifestyle behind and commit herself fully to Jesus. An important part of her journey was finding Regeneration of Northern Virginia and going through one of the programs offered.  In her role as a Women’s Ministry Associate Kyle serves a small group leader for Regeneration NOVA in addition … Continued

Ann Cohrs

Ann served as a small group leader for Living Waters for ten years before becoming part of the Regeneration staff in 2007.  Ann has a BA in History, is the administrative backbone of the Northern Virginia office, and has a special heart and ministry for family members impacted by the various issues that bring people … Continued