Being a human can be messy. Each of us is physical, emotional, relational, sexual, and spiritual. We carry past stories and future hopes.

We want to be loved and to love well. And we each experience competing and conflicting desires, some that move us toward the life we want, and some that point us away from that life.

Sometimes, all this is too much to sort through alone. We need the help of Christ working within a safe and sacred community of others on similar journeys.

Living Waters is an intensive half-year program for men and women seeking healing in their lives. Ultimately, we learn how to press into Jesus more deeply, allowing Him to meet our needs and transform us for His Kingdom purposes. Meetings consist of worship, teaching, small-group discussions, and healing prayer. Leaders facilitate the time to create safe and sacred space for participants to experience Jesus and how he is leading, healing, and growing them individually.

For Northern VA: See: Path Through The Wilderness

*Men and women are together for large group portions, but each small group is gender-specific.

I had hoped that my religious activities would hide my secret compulsion and perhaps even bribe God into “curing” me, or at least looking the other way. But as the years went on, my struggles became worse, my faith dried up, my resentment and fear grew, and my shame and loneliness became unbearable. At Living Waters I learned how to allow the Lord to come into those deepest parts of me, where I was most wounded and ashamed, and bring His grace, healing, and power. — Pat

I literally was “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Through Living Waters, my relationship with the Lord has deepened and I now turn to Him for the love only He can give. — Holly

The world and even some in the church told me to define my identity by my temptations. Through Regeneration, God has delivered me from the lies. Temptation lost its power. It stopped defining who I was, then it stopped defining what I was. At last I could say, when asked if I was gay or straight, “I am a son of the living God.” — Jason

If you would like to enroll please apply online HERE or, if you prefer, download the application and email, fax, or mail your application to the Baltimore office.