Being the wife of a man who is struggling with sexual sin has unique challenges and a unique need for community.

When a wife discovers her husband has been engaging in some form of sexual sin, it can be tremendously painful, confusing, and confounding to her. Christ gives hope, and this is true whether the man is currently pursuing change or not.

Just for Wives (Baltimore) is a support group for women whose husbands are struggling with sexual brokenness or sexual sin of any kind. Our Northern VA support group is for wives whose husbands are involved in SALT. Meetings consist of small group sharing, support, godly counsel, and prayer.

I started going to Regeneration’s Wives Group meetings one year after I found out my husband was addicted to pornography. This group of woman has helped me heal tremendously! They (and the book used) pointed me to God and taught me how to rely on Him more. This group has been a life saver! — Hope

At the absolute lowest point of my life and in my marriage, I came to the Just for Wives Group. I found a grace-filled,compassionate, redemptive lifeline which helped me navigate the hurts of betrayal. My husband was also encouraged and helped by the Rescue program for men. Praise God that much progress has been made! — Cindy

If you would like to enroll please apply online HERE or, if you prefer, download the application and email, fax, or mail your application to the Baltimore office.