Regeneration helps those seeking wholeness in the areas of intimacy, identity, and desire by inviting them into community marked by the truth and grace of Jesus.


Josh's Blog

Every Fiber of a Man

Men, God designed you for a purpose, for a mission. A hammer is designed to drive nails...
Josh's Blog

A Parent’s Road

As I drove away from dropping my daughter at school this morning, worry came whispering. (...
Intimacy and Identity

Christ Remembers

How did you do remembering the true meaning of Christmas? Two thousand years ago, a virgin...
Northern Virginia

Advent Reflection #3: There were Shepherds in the Field

The angel announcing the birth of Jesus could have visited any number of people. However, ...
Josh's Blog


I have a question for you, and how you answer reveals something about your view of Christm...
Northern Virginia

Advent Reflection #2: The Sacrificial Gifts of the Magi

I believe nothing mentioned in the Scriptures is by chance. Each example or story contains...
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