Regeneration helps those seeking wholeness in the areas of intimacy, identity, and desire by inviting them into community marked by the truth and grace of Jesus.


Josh's Blog

Reconnecting with Ourselves

For some men and women in recovery from sexual addiction, learning that they have to becom...
healing couples resources

Couples Healing Resources

One of the most difficult areas for husbands and wives in recovery is how to navigate the ...
Northern Virginia

Sense of Well-Being

We make resolutions every New Year to exercise more, and some of us do. We try the new die...
Northern Virginia

Revealing Shame

On the surface, shame can be seen as a tool which can keep us aware of our manners, our su...
Josh's Blog

Emotional Muscle

Those struggling with habitual sexual sins most certainly walk in confusion about the mean...
Josh's Blog

Bearing through Withdrawal

Anyone who has seen someone go through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol knows that it is n...
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