Regeneration helps those seeking wholeness in the areas of intimacy, identity, and desire by inviting them into community marked by the truth and grace of Jesus.


Northern Virginia

Revealing Shame

On the surface, shame can be seen as a tool which can keep us aware of our manners, our su...
Intimacy and Identity

Emotional Muscle

Those struggling with habitual sexual sins most certainly walk in confusion about the mean...
Josh's Blog

Bearing through Withdrawal

Anyone who has seen someone go through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol knows that it is n...
Josh's Blog

Differentiating the Flesh from the True Self

As hard as it can be to believe, God differentiates between the sin that we do and who we ...
Josh's Blog

I Confess

Confession has always been and will always be central to the Christian life. Many of us wo...
Josh's Blog

Who is It?

I remember one specific experience trying to pray in college. I had recently given in agai...
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