Regeneration helps those seeking wholeness in the areas of intimacy, identity, and desire by inviting them into community marked by the truth and grace of Jesus.



Images of Intimacy

If you struggle with lust, consider this for a moment: Can you explain why you are drawn t...
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What Displeases You

Why does God dislike sin? I think a lot of us walk around with an idea that sin is sin ...
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Harmonizing Sexuality and Spirituality

When I was in college, I was a man in conflict. I loved Jesus, and I hated and loved my se...
Intimacy and Identity


Despite how technology can bring us together, the physical distance between where you are ...
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Guys, Snakes, and Ron Swanson

I think one of the biggest threats to guys today is the constant stream of faulty images o...
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When Temptation Is Near and God Isn’t

What do you do when temptation is right here, inside you, when you can feel it coursing th...
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